The Weight of Thought

Our last glacial period lasted from about 115,000-12,500 years ago. By the end, 177 large mammal species had gone extinct. There has been considerable debate over the last half century regarding what caused the loss of these animals, including saber-tooth cats, mastadons, and giant sloths. While many have argued that these animals simply weren’t able to adapt to the warmer climate, others blame human activity. A new study led by Jens-Christian Svenning of Aarhus University has strongly suggested that humans are squarely responsible for the disappearance of megafauna during the last 100,000 years. The results have been published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.


Seeking to save endangered species

Delegates meet at South Korean gathering in bid to save planet’s most threatened wildlife.

Dr. Bernie Krause

Musician and naturalist Bernie Krause has spent 40 years recording over 15,000 species in many of the world’s pristine habitats. Photograph: Courtesy of Hachette Book Group

"The birds are silent in the woods.
Just wait: Soon enough
You will be quiet too”
- Robert Hass

When musician and naturalist Bernie Krause drops his microphones into the pristine coral reef waters of Fiji, he picks up a raucous mix of sighs, beats, glissandos, cries, groans, tones, grunts, beats and clicks.

Bernie Krause records life on a coral reef in Fiji Link to this audio

The water pulsates with the sound of creatures vying for acoustic bandwidth. He hears crustaceans, parrot fish, anemones, wrasses, sharks, shrimps, puffers and surgeonfish. Some gnash their teeth, others use their bladders or tails to make sound. Sea anemones grunt and belch. Every creature on the reef makes its own sound.

But half a mile away, where the same reef is badly damaged, he can only pick up the sound of waves and a few snapping shrimp. It is, he says, the desolate sound of extinction.

Pressures on Earth’s ecosystem are now so great that future generations could be doomed to falling living standards, the OECD said on Thursday in a report looking to the mid-century.

“Providing for a further two billion people by 2050 and improving the living standards for all will challenge our ability to manage and restore those natural assets on which all life depends,” it warned.

“Failure to do so will have serious consequences, especially for the poor, and ultimately undermine the growth and human development of future generations.”


….this what the world was like before World War 2? Society collapsing everywhere, poverty and famine, social strife and cultural oppression? Will i start seeing the world like Freud did before the world turned to Hell? Witnessing negativity around every corner, listening to lies about the most important things from  professionals and only hearing truth from the poor and downtrodden? Are the world’s culture warriors only beholden to Freud’s id? It’s starting to fall into place as to how he saw everyone consumed by ego, breathing hate and anger and exhaling regret and despair into the mouths of the whores purchased by the powerful and soulless. As the great imperial beasts of the world march to Mygeeto the fleas that knew democracy only latch onto the thinnest hairs on the backs of nation’s beasts.

What will happen? Who will we be tomarrow? What will we say to each other under the roars of bomb raids. Are any of the agendas of our nations’ beasts morally sound? Do their actions hold reason within them?

I doubt it.  Reason is a doorway our nations’ beasts cannot fit through. Like witnessing the last clashes between the titans of the old world or watching the glimmer of stardust snow upon the paleo earth before an asteroid cleanses the world of obsolete creatures.

The stardust of our extinction already effortlessly glides down from heaven upon our beaten faces……